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The Land of Mother

Doctrine of Origins

Andong Province

Home of those of Asian decent

Across The Realm - Andong Province Across The Realm Year 2677

Andong the Eastern province, inhabited by those people of Korean, Japanese and Chinese decent, the most Asian part of the Land of Mother. A walk down the winding pathways of Andong and you feel like you’ve been transported to an Ancient version of what was known as Asia. This province is a kaleidoscope of colours mainly blue and argon having changed the climate and biology of all living things here. Even the sand is blue with buildings are designed to filter out the blue light that pervades everything. Andong province does have one peculiarity, which is that it is the only land in the South where animals no longer roam. Make of that what you will.

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Hainan Province

The Ice

Across The Realm - Hainan Province Across The Realm Year 2677

The land of Ice Hainan. It is what became of what was known as the South Pole in the 21st century. Populated by immigrants and refugees from all the southern provinces, Hainan is a land where those of mainly European and Caucasian origin reside. The cities of Hainan are all built underground because the conditions are so punishing with nothing but snow and frozen mountains. The cities are predominantly black and white in their colour, designed to bestow the best of comforts onto their cold worn inhabitants. The animals that live here have adapted to the extreme cold where temperatures can drop to -130 degrees Celsius. One has to be very careful when wandering around Hainan because there are often pools of cryogenic liquids such as xeon, which can make quick work of the mindless traveller. The peculiarity of Hainan is it’s Mother’s lily, which is the emblem of the province. A delicate black lily with an velvet black petals and iridescent stamens, it is the most seductive flower in the province and hardy two being found growing in solitary places in the vast frozen tundra. Beguiling as Mother’s Lily is one needs to be wary of it as it releases paralytic hallucinogens designed to render unwitting animals into an eternal dream state from which they seldom return, leaving their bodies behind for the next generation of Mother’s Lily. Make of that what you will.

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Lilongwe Province

Where Africa went

Across The Realm - Lilongwe Province Across The Realm Year 2677

Lilongwe, the home of the original inhabitants of the South. It is where those who are descended from the ones who lived in continent called Africa live. The people here have dark skin and deep eyes. They are the most predominantly psychic of the peoples of LOM, often being designated as priests of particularly the blue order at the age of passage. The land here is fiery and hot with red sands and descendants of the Madagascan Baobab growing everywhere with their red leaves not a sign of an eternal autumn but a result of union that time the world changed. It is a land of rough terrain, sand dunes, brushes and small wild animals that thrive in this harsh environment. A land of reds oranges, browns and yellows, the peculiarity of Lilongwe is that it is one of the few places where the sun pushes through the atmosphere and can be seen shining bright through out the day whilst it scorches the earth and the people. Make of that what you will.

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Mutare Province


Across The Realm - Mutare Province Across The Realm Year 2677

Mutare is the central province of the Land of Mother. It is where Homeworld the capital city is located. As with all capitals, it is where all the power is concentrated. All the head offices are located in Homeworld; it is the heart and head of the Land of Mother. The Principal Processor, the military including the askari, the spiritualists and the lawmakers are all located here. Mutare has the most number of buildings per square kilometer of any of the provinces in the Land of Mother. Concave and dome like these building are high with public transit snaking between them. The skies are busy with Ndege flying in a peculiar ordered chaos. Mutare is also the centre of all the research and development of the biological technology used in the Land of Mother. On the outskirts of Homeworld can be found the lush farms that feed the majority of the realm. The wildlife in Mutare is quite abundant having been preserved by urbanization of the province. The city of Homeworld is most special, as it is blessed by the ancestors and a place of supreme safety, even the Askari do not raise swords here. The temperatures here are mild and Mutare is the one province that is naturally accommodating of human habitation. The sky in Mutare has a deep sense of invincibility, unity and cohesiveness that can’t be said to be found anywhere else in the Provinces. During the day it’s a beautiful brown as the gases of the south filter the Sun and the starlight - a truly unique setting in the South.

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Serowe Province

What happened to South America

Across The Realm - Mutare Province Across The Realm Year 2677

Serowe, the land of the mystics, this is a land that came from what was once known as South America. The inhabitants here have the deepest connection with nature and the land, often becoming priests of the Green Order. This is a land of rolling hills and valleys, with vast flat planes that have the some of the most rare vegetation in the Land of Mother. It is the place most inhabitants of the provinces go if they need to find a cure for the incurable. Everything is alive in Serowe even the wind which blows constantly, sometimes caressing sometimes furious. This province is the most gaseous of the provinces with a dark sky through which the sun barely filters. Despite this it is the most beautiful of the provinces, a land of reds, whites, blues, greens, oranges and black.

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Oshana Province

The Water

Across The Realm - Oshana Province Across The Realm Year 2677

Oshana, the Land of Father and the province under the boiling seas of the South. Oshana is huge a vast province built under waves and bubbles. Similar in structure to Hainan it is inhabited by those humans who have evolved aquatic abilities that allow them to live there. A truly unique form of the human, they breath the boiling waters and have gills. They can shape shift to possess fish like tails for better locomotion and their physical strength is parallel to none. Those of Oshana have mastered force-field technology to the point of using it to build their very buildings from the water in which they reside. There are also parts of Oshana that are under the seabed where more conventional forms of architecture can be found.

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