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The Evolution of Science

Why Biological Engineering was Officially Banned

In the 27th Century biological engineering has been banned, and is conducted illegally by the military in so called neutral zones. The bans on biological engineering came about due to the rogue experiments conducted by scientists in private organizations.

Experiments ranged from creating chimeric humans to cellular level biological engineering of complete artificial humans. This led to a corruption of the human genome and the emergence of advanced and highly infectious genetic viruses. These viruses had been initially been designed to target only specific ethnic groups and bloodlines, but they eventually “jumped the gap” and began to attack the whole genome indiscriminately mutating too fast to control. The only way to deal with these outbreaks was to seal off entire colonies and once most of the population had been decimated, send in the United Nations Army Biohazard division to finish off the survivors as they would be the only ones with limited resilience, which was not of scientific value.

After several such incidents on colonies from all the territories the United Nations Hexacon the assembly of the six leaders of the United Nations declared on December 12th 2212 that all Biological Engineering would be banned forthwith.


The Day that Moved the World

The true origins of the cause of the great tectonic cataclysm that moved the world has yet to be discovered, but it is in part due to this event that in, the United Nations, scientific activities are strictly controlled. Even basic activities such as mixing oxygen and hydrogen to create water need explicit UN approval. After which, the great cataclysm scientists lost their glory and became truly feared gaining pariah status as individuals who would quote “… go rogue and kill us all.”

It is because of this that a large international extremist group sprang up that held the belief that it was actually the scientists that blew up the world making the continents split and collide. As mentioned this can still not yet be proven, but the doubts that it was nature that instigated the catastrophe are strong across the world.

Despite this science has still managed to make significant advances with one hand tied behind it’s back and cadres into the science academies are still high. This has been driven by the advent of commercial and civilian space flight as well as teleportation. Teleportation has done much to clean the environment as both carbon and electric forms of transportation have long since been outmoded.


The Day that began the War

It was discovered that the Earth is on a trajectory into a black hole. The science of the time did not have and still does not have a contingency in place to deal with this upcoming event. The notion had been to evacuate the planet, but even with all the financial resources of the colonies this is still a nearly impossible feat. At the time of writing there is still no known technology within the United Nations that can help our civilization avoid this extinction level event. No formal announcements have been made as the event is still several years away and work to find a nearby habitable planet that is out of the reach of the black hole for the Earth’s multi-billion population have so far proved fruitless.

It was discovered by key scientists Richard Schumar and Brent Tydles that the field that had been observed in the Southern Hemisphere had properties that would allow for that part of the planet to survive the extinction the rest of the planet faced. However, attempts at human entry into the environment resulted in the loss of life. Given the urgency of the situation facing Earth Tydles and Schumar developed a set of cannisters that would be able to breach the force-field and communicate telepathic waves that would deliver the message to any beings living on the other side. The response was catastrophic. After sending several thousand cannisters into the South, the response was complete and utter annihilation of all research bases and cities on that side of the planet resulting in the loss of millions of lives.

The reasons behind the response are unclear but soon after that event, the war began and has been raging ever since. Once again science had inadvertently earned a black star.