Across The Realm

Life Always Finds A Way

Humans have evolved to breath Argon, the sea boils with the continents shattered into a primordial throwback! The atmosphere is distended now reaching far into the realms of space! In this world a single act of love, a hostile act of kindness forever changes the fate of humanity, as we know it. This is the 27th century where White Supremacy and Black Supremacy sit side by side in the apartheid ideal of “separate but equal” and transgender has a totally new meaning. In a war that has raged for centuries, humans use their light to wield unimaginable destructive power on their enemies and achieve feats of impossible strength. It is here that 175 year old Naledi Chotto an Aviator of the Askari commits the most heinous act of betrayal against her lover Gregory and her family setting the entire world on a collision course with destiny as the bespectacled brigade finally finds the key to ending the war through invasion and slavery.


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