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Isobel Mitton is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University in the United States. She attained an honors Masters degree in English and Creative writing from said institution and is glad she went to Southern New Hampshire University. She has won several writing awards using different pen names over the years and has published novels, which were well received. Isobel is positive that she has found her voice in writing the Across The Realm series. Scifi/fantasy/dystopian is definitely her thing. She enjoys the research and boundless imagination that goes into the work. She feels it is an honor to be engrossed in creating and is thankful to her country that she can dedicate herself to her craft. A Canadian national, she currently resides with her family in Hamilton, Ontario. When she isn’t writing or researching, she spends humongous amounts of time sleeping, watching Netflix, having lots of alone time, increasing her fixations on good-looking people and exercising.


Isobel swears she was born to be an activist of women’s rights. She has immense experience in abuse as she was a victim herself.

“My mother died when I was seven. And it was slowly downhill from there. I was abused horrendously by the woman I called my mother and others. This included sexual abuse. I do not see myself as a victim. I see myself as a winner. Because, I am here, doing what I love and doing it well,” she said.

Isobel has been campaigning for the rights of women since her early teens and has been recognized for it on numerous occasions. She is the founding member of the Center of Women of Color, based in Hamilton, Ontario, her home.

In that same city, she was nominated in 2010 for the Woman of the year award as well as winning the Soroptomists Woman’s Opportunity Award in 2011.

Although she has taken a major back seat in activism, she remains in the background of the organization. She continues to counsel women who have gone through horrendous abuse, many of them being refugees who find their way to safety in Canada.

“Frankly, there are better women equipped to help and who are doing a stellar job. A founding member must always let go so that the organization grows. I am so proud of all the work we have done,” she said.

Isobel’s wish in this world is for all pain to be eradicated, for humans to see their similarities rather than their differences and for love to rule. That is why she wrote the “Across the Realm Series.” That and the joy of living in her head.




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Across the Realm by Isobel Mitton

“Across the Realm” is the first in a series about the world as we know it, set more than 600 years from now.

In the book, written by Hamilton’s Isobel Mitton, Earth is divided into north and south hemispheres by a boiling sea. On either side of the world, and a war, are Askari Naledi Choto and Colonel Gregory Douglas.

Themes of segregation and communal living, of adversity and the human spirit, are woven throughout. At the same time, love, brutality, betrayal, romance and loyalty all figure in.