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Across The Realm – Book 2 – When Two Tribes Go To War

Isobel Mitton seamlessly weaves in love, humor, betrayal, loyalty and brutality in a tale that stands uniquely on its own. Across the Realm 2: When Two Tribes Go to War is a reflection from the future that hits close to home as the reader comes to realize that this future world is not so different from our own. One of the most exciting parts of this tale is its subtle exploration of larger current societal issues like racism; the fuzzy lines of ethics created by scientific advancement and the unwillingness to compromise with those we view as “different” in a futuristic landscape.

Across the Realm 2: When Two Tribes Go to War is about complex relationships that endure trying times and experiences. Forbidden love, illegitimate pregnancy, strong childhood attachments, betrayal, abuse, and bastard kings reminiscent of the Game of Thrones, all complicated by the rules of a rigid society makes this latest installment of the Across the Realm franchise difficult to put down.

Across the Realm 1: Life Will Always Find a Way left off when war broke out between the North and South as each side sends its troops to the enemy. The second installment of the series begins right at that point. The Southerners are above the Northern skies of the Arab Territories and ready for war with the Arabs. Mitton does not waste time. Her characters go straight into the action that made Across the Realm 1 popular. This is a writer who adores writing action scenes and Realm 2 will not disappoint the reader for it is full of stunning action and fascinating 26th century technology and inventions that make a wonderful backdrop to a story about love and belief systems.

The characters are vividly alive and all are involved in situations replete with secrets, which make things messy in a time of violence. The relationships of Adil, the king of the Arabs, Khadija, his queen, and Rashid a trusted childhood friend in the Arab Territories are what drives and pulls the plot of the story.

Adil is torn between fighting a war with the Southerners where he might lose and protecting the woman he loves. Rashid does not want to meet the Southerners using conventional tactics and pushes for guerilla warfare. He has the support of Adil’s queen, Khadija. Trapped in a loveless marriage to Adil since she was 15, Khadija is driven to protect her children, and in so doing, defending the citizens of the Arab Territories.

Join the North and South as they traverse an enigmatic war between two very different cultures, filled with twists and turns that will leave the reader wondering if war is ever black and white enough to choose a side at all.